• Leef!

    LEEF is a Lover of Literature, Language, Lyrics, Legends & Lore!
    (Can you say that FIVE time fast??? Challenge your family, friends and teachers! See who masters this tongue-twister first!)
    Leef Lonneberg lives in the old, abandoned Lorelia Public Library (or 'LPL' for short). Once a struggling reader, now he loves to read, read, read! He is ecstatic to access the secret vault of all that has ever been ‘written, read or said.'

    As a ‘tween,’ LEEF makes no apologies for always having his nose in a book. He reads nonstop! LEEF is a fan of fiction--the stories of all people, places and times in all their rambunctious richness and narrative nuance. That’s why LEEF calls himself a ‘lover of literature, language, lyrics, legends and lore.’ (You should hear him say this five times fast!)
    You will learn more about LEEF inside but you can believe him when he says proudly,You have the power to bring books to life—your life!

  • Shrub-Enshrouded Entrance

    Come inside The Old LPL! Sneak in through the shrub-enshrouded entrance!
    You may join LEEF and friends on their Literary Learning Journey (or LLJ for short)! The Old LPL is both a poetic and prosaic place for good, old-fashioned “Lit lovin’! ! (How about those two little words? Can you say them TEN times fast? Really really fast?)
    Join LEEF as he 'leefs' through the pages of books, letting them flutter and fly as his imagination takes flight with playful, pondering, page-turning fun! As LEEF says, "Fresh books are just as important as fresh vegetables." Get yours today!

  • The Literary Learning

    Journey  ("LLJ")

    Sweet-Sweet Stories

  • Time Travellers

    "Dabble in the Past. Dwell in the Present. Dream about the Future."

  • Leef & Renai

    "Best Friends Forever"

  • Stacks & Staircases

    Along with like-hearted readers, writers, researchers, and treasure seekers like you, LEEF and RENAI are enchanted by the stacks of books that line the laddered walls from floor to ceiling in The Old LPL.


    Wisdom and wonder seekers by nature, they get joyfully lost in the stacks that make an a-maze-ing labyrinthe across the old, creaky, wooden floors and the secret staircases and tunnels tucked inside.


    Each book holds "wor(l)ds of wisdom and wonder' that come to life as they 'leef' through dusty-musty ink-marked pages. The Old LPL is the place for educational trinket and treasure seekers of all times--past, present and future!


    The shrub-enshrouded entrance is a key in the lock of LEEF's LLJ (Literary Learning Journey). Will it be yours?

  • Craftsmanship & Collaboration

    "It is only well with me when I have a chisel in my hands."


  • Catalyzing & Actualizing

    "Not too hard. Not too easy. Just right."

    (With 'ahh-some' evolutionary, present-moment, determined delight!)

  • Community

    Creator & Curator

    This website community hosted by

    Kalen Marquis

    reader, writer, researcher

    teacher, librarian counsellor

    actualization advocate


    "When a man makes up a story

    for his child, he becomes

    a father and a child together,

    listening." (Rumi)


    Youth participation
    with parent consent
    via paid monthly membership.
    Hundreds of student, parent,
    grandparent, and teacher
    "Letters are among the most
    significant memorial a person
    can leave behind." (Goethe)
    Family involvement
    joyfully welcomed and
    adult oversight expected.
    For more information
    on internet safety:

    Comments? Questions? Suggestions?

    Send an email to Kalen Marquis


  • Poet & Pen Pal

    If you’re looking for a playful approach to Lit’ Lovin,’ you may want to visit LEEF's friend, frizzy-fuzzy, green-nosed Kwil. He is a master of rhythm, rhyme and chime!


    Kwil is a poet and pen pal who uses poetry and word play to communicate with love, empathy and encouragement. As an interactive light verse lover, he uses the simplest abcb rhyme scheme so all ages and abilities may easily join the fun! Responding to "scribbles and scribes" from the youngest literacy learners has been his specialty for three decades.


    Although shy, Kwil is a bold and bubbly cheerleader for literacy, creativity and social-emotional learning. With his love of learning, he personifies enthusiasm as "one of the most powerful engines of success" (as Emerson said). Picking up his pen, Kwil enters a state of flow and "transcendent selfhood" (as Csikszentmihalyi said). This is Kwil's joy and only claim to fame. As a poet and pen pal, he knows that enthusiasm and engagement precede erudition--the purposeful will to apply and master a skill!


    Kwil creates and connects with children and creative inner children of all ages who love to keep their pencils moving, keyboards tapping, pages turning and imagination yearning!

  • Looking for Lit Lovers!

    "Unlocking Wor(l)ds of

    Wisdom and Wonder"

    LEEF Tweets!